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The following is a list of recipes of food prepared for various church events. Category NameSub Category NameRecipe NameMember Name AppetizersCheese PenniesLynne Wohleber BeveragesCold Hot Bread BreakfastCereal Eggs Muffins Pancakes Waffles MiscellaneousButterscotch CoffeecakeBill Cadwell Heath Bar CoffeecakeBill Cadwell QuicheJosie Sheldon ConfectionsChocolate Fudge Taffy Miscellaneous DessertsBrownies, Bars, SquaresLuscious Lemon DessertBill Cadwell Pumpkin Pie Dessert SquaresJosie Sheldon Cakes, CupcakesDump Cake (s)Bill Cadwell Cookies Crisps, Cobblers Frozen Desserts Fruit Desserts, CompotesWarm Praline Fruit CompoteBill Cadwell Icings, Frostings Pies, TartsFresh Peach PieLynne Wohleber Pudding, Custard MiscellaneousBlack Bottom CupsLynne Wohleber Brownie TrifleBill Cadwell Oreo TrifleBill Cadwell Fish HolidayChristmas Easter Halloween Thanksgiving MeatsBacon Beef ChickenPoppy Seed Chicken CasseroleBill Cadwell Lamb Pork Sausage Turkey Venison Pasta Rice SaladsBroccoli SlawBill Cadwell Sandwiches SaucesFudge SauceJosie Sheldon Seafood Side DishesPineapple GratinBill Cadwell Sour Cream BeansJosie Sheldon SoupsSoup of GoldJosie Sheldon Stews Vegetables

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