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Sandi’s Garden is back!

As hard as it may be to believe, gardening season is upon us. Last season, thanks to the generosity and assistance of so many people, over 300 pounds of fresh organic produce became part of SHIM’s Food Pantry from only 190 square feet of garden space. This coming year, our goal is to increase that yield and expand the garden by another 90 square feet. Our children were most helpful last year: starting swiss chard and hot pepper seedlings and planting bush and pole beans when the weather warmed up. This year they will become even more involved in the garden by helping with garden preparation and harvesting.

There will be opportunities for all members of the congregation to participate as well. Once again, donations of seeds and plants will be needed as well as volunteers for watering, harvesting, and delivering produce to SHIM. Stay tuned as spring finally breaks and Sandi’s Garden once again shifts into high gear.

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