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Sandi’s Garden Isn’t Ready to Call It Quits!

Sandi’s Garden is still full of pepper plants, tomatoes, zucchini, Swiss chard and beans ready to burst forth and continue to supply SHIM’s Food Pantry with bountiful fresh organic produce. The addition of 150 square feet to the original fenced-in garden has increased our contribution and has resulted in contributing even more fresh, organic produce to SHIM’s food pantry. We are on track to easily exceed last year’s harvest of 300 pounds. We hope to be able to keep the garden producing well into fall with lettuce, spinach and kale as the summer crops end their productive runs.

We still need volunteers to water the garden in September and October. There is a sign-up sheet on the bulletin board on the way to Fellowship Hall. Please consider making this a family project. Many thanks to those who help make Sandi’s Garden such a successful part of BHCC’s continued commitment to serve others.

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