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Sandi’s Garden Records Its Most Productive Year To Date!

Sandi’s Garden has finally taken a much-deserved rest after producing more fresh, organic produce than ever. Our final tally is over 465 pounds from about 330 square feet of garden! Thanks to all who helped prepare the garden this spring, donated plants and seeds, kept it watered during the parched months of July through September, and shared some of the bounty of their home gardens. The clients of SHIM’s Food Pantry were able to enjoy fresh produce from spring through fall.

Much feedback was received about how delighted the families were to be able to prepare meals with fresh, healthy food beyond the reach of their limited budgets. The churches and organizations participating in this wonderful ministry are already planning for next year’s gardens.

Many thanks to those who help make Sandi’s Garden such a successful part of BHCC’s continued commitment to serve others.

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