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Sandi’s Garden – Update

Sandi’s Garden continues to produce a bountiful harvest for SHIM’s pantry. As of this Sunday, it has produced over 200 pounds of fresh, organic peppers, beans, chard and zucchini. Let’s hope the tomatoes will finally ripen with the warm weather.

You can add to the bounty of the combined SHIM gardens in the South Hills. Do your neighbors run when they see you because of the bags of zucchini, cucumbers and other vegetables your home garden is producing that you cannot possibly eat? No worries! You can add to the Sandi’s Garden delivery. Simply bring your produce to church on Sunday (or any day for that matter) and leave it in the church’s kitchen refrigerator. It will be delivered on Tuesday mornings along with the weekly garden harvest. You will improve your relationship with your neighbors, and SHIM’s food pantry clients will be delighted with extra produce.

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