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Sandi’s Garden Update – BHCC Youth Group Completes an Amazing Harvest for SHIM

At their kickoff gathering on the evening of September 11, the Eat and Meet youth added new meaning to “eat” as they completed an amazing harvest of hot and sweet peppers and beans. When they were finished, over ten pounds of peppers and five pounds of beans were bagged and ready for SHIM’s Food Pantry. The kids were surprised to find out that close to 300 peppers are needed to make one pound.

So ….. thanks to our youth, around 3,000 hot peppers were distributed at SHIM’s Tuesday Food Pantry, along with five pounds of fresh, organic green and wax beans.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to our youth group for their cheerful contribution to one of the many ways BHCC hears and acts on the call to use our gifts for our brothers and sisters in need.

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