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Sandi’s Garden Wrap-up

After a productive run, Sandi’s Garden has succumbed to the cold weather. Not, however, before having another intensely productive season. Our final tally was over 450 pounds of fresh, organic produce. This is even more impressive when you realize that this year we grew large amounts of lighter swiss chard, beans and over 150 pounds of hot peppers instead of tomatoes. As our youth will attest, it takes between 200 and 300 hot peppers per pound! SHIM reports that the Food Pantry clients were very appreciative of our produce, especially the hot peppers.

SHIM’s Boaz Fields project, which now includes 13 satellite projects, helps its food pantry provide food insecure families with one of the most expensive items in a food budget; fresh, organic produce. BHCC once again, from the youngest on up, was an important part of this ministry to our brothers and sisters in the South Hills who depend on it to feed their families. A small plot of land made an important contribution to SHIM’s Food Pantry efforts. Thank you to all who answered the call to serve others in many ways.

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