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Session Responsibilities (2017-2018)

Session Responsibilities (2017-2018)

Clerk of Session

Bill Cadwell

Church Treasurer

Gordon Mitchell

Commissioner to Presbytery

Cathy Morgan


Administration and Personnel                                   Mission and Outreach

Session Chair:      Dick Headley                                             Session Chair:   Pat Jacobs

Session Member: Susan Hicks                                               Session Member: Kara Pepicelli

Adult Education                                                               Nominating

Session Chair:      Linda James                                              Session Chair:   Keith Mason

Session Member: Dick Headley                                            Session Member: Gordon Mitchell

Building and Grounds                                                   Parish Life 

Session Chair:      Ben Boisvert                                              Session Chair:   Theresa Child

Session Member: Dave Hicks                                                Session Member: Pat Jacobs

Christian Education                                                       Worship and Music

Session Chair:      Deb Carter                                                  Session Chair:   Andy Druckenbrod

Session Member: Susan Hicks                                               Session Member: Sarah Cannon

Communication                                                               Youth Ministries

Session Chair:      Jim Cannon                                               Session Chair:   Alan Hohlfelder

Session Member: Theresa Child                                            Session Member: Kent Jones

Finance and Stewardship

Session Chair:      Mike Riemer

Session Member: Gordon Mitchell

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