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Silent Giant – Green Grocers

For well over 20 years, members of our church have been involved in a very meaningful, worthwhile outreach that is often in the background of all the mission projects that happen because of BHCC.   Each and every Sunday, a member(s) of our church drive to the Giant Eagle at Village Square in Bethel Park, load their vehicle with produce that Giant Eagle cannot sell, and take it to Miryam’s House, a women’s shelter downtown on Fifth Ave. We have delivered about 150 TONS of produce to those in need over those 20+ years. The present members are as follows: Anne & Gordon Mitchell, Jill & Andy Hicks, Susan & Dave Hicks, Nancy & David Green and Sarah & Jim Cannon, who have been involved for some time. We need to recruit new members, as the boxes are getting heavy. We are fortunate to have the Jacobs, Leases, Hughes, Risings, Nina Helbling, Mary Good and Lynn Foltz now act as substitutes when needed, but we are looking for more people to join the team affectionately known as the Green Grocers and assume a regular monthly Sunday delivery. It takes about two hours one Sunday each month, and you need to have a station wagon, SUV or van , a strong back and the desire to help those less fortunate. If you do, please call Dave Hicks at 412-833-7753.

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