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Social Media  –  An EASY But Important Way to Help Spread the Word About Bower Hill

If you love Bower Hill, why not share it with the world?

The Communication Committee (in particular Connie May) has been working hard to enhance Bower Hill’s presence on Social Media, and we now have active Facebook and Instagram accounts!  Will we ever “go viral”?  Probably not, but having up-to-date and relevant accounts enhances our credibility because 80% of the visitors to our website will also check our Social Media accounts.

How can you help?

  1. Review us on our Facebook account and on “the big” search engine. More good reviews put us closer to the top of search results.

  2. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram

  3. Comment on posts. In addition to just “liking” a post, you can add a quick comment or emoji.  The more “quality” interactions, the more our posts will be shared publicly.

  4. Share Connie does a fantastic job of posting about everything from worship services to Mission and Parish Life events to Adult Ed.  You can share those that appeal most to you.  We will also let you know about specific posts that we’d like to see shared through mass emails from the church office.

  5. Tag your friends. When commenting or sharing posts, tag some of your fellow church members.  If someone tags you, you may comment or share the post as well.

  6. Contribute to the Bower Hill Story by sending your pictures of the church and our activities to Connie May at We would love to share the stories on our pages!

If you have any questions, please contact Connie or Glenn Child.   Let’s build our online reputation together!

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