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Sustitute Greeters/Ushers Needed

Last month, we explained that Greeters/Ushers are assigned on a quarterly basis. On occasion, individuals are unavailable to greet on their assigned Sunday, and they are asked to contact someone else on the list with whom they can switch. If they are unable to do so, it would be helpful to have a list of members who are willing to be on call as substitutes. On the first few Sundays in November, there will be a sign-up sheet on a table in the narthex where you can sign up to be a substitute greeter. If you agree to be a substitute greeter, you will be called no later than Saturday so that you will have plenty of time to plan on arriving at the church at least 20 minutes prior to the start of the service. (You will never be called on Sunday morning.) Our goal is to have a greeter at each of our three entrances each Sunday so that everyone who crosses our threshold is made to feel welcome and so that visitors are provided with necessary guidance to the sanctuary, restrooms, childcare, etc. Thank you in advance for your generous donation of your time and service.

Sally Child, Worship and Music Committee

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