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Talking About Tomorrow

BHCC has undertaken a series of church-wide conversations about the identity and direction of our congregation.  These conversations are supposed to be fun, low-key, stress-free, and above all, multigenerational.  We want YOU to take part!  Our next event will take place on Sunday, July 9, immediately following worship.  (There will be no Bible study that day.) Just stay for coffee hour, expect it to take A WHOLE HOUR, and bring a brunch dish to share.  We will be discussing the results of our last Talking-about-Tomorrow gathering and the opportunities that lie ahead with both DART and the Braillists moving out of our building.  Please plan to attend.

Older youth are welcomed and encouraged at this event. For the younger elementary and below, childcare will be provided downstairs in the Adult Lounge (110), which allows easy access to the playground.

Please sign up on the bulletin board outside the Friendship Room, or follow instructions in the email blast from the church office regarding online sign-up.

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