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Thanks Everyone

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this year’s Easter Breakfast. For those who are unaware, all the donuts, juice, yogurt, fruit and pancakes are provided by the Session committees, and Donna Williams recruits many members to make the yummy egg casseroles.  This year we had to ask for extras of each item because First Baptist church members joined us for both the breakfast and the worship service.

Many thanks to Donna for making all the arrangements and for making sure all the tables are set so beautifully.

Thank you to Kristen Mackey for stuffing the eggs and to the older kids who set up the Easter Egg Hunt and made sure the empty eggs were collected after the younger kids got their goodies.  And here’s a little secret—I FORGOT to ask the Easter Bunny to come this year, but THANKS TO ED HANKE, HE SHOWED UP ANYWAY!

Special thanks to those who helped set up on Friday and those who helped clean up following the breakfast–both the Bubble Brigade and those who helped de-deck the tables and put all the tables and chairs away.  Often for Easter, we leave the tables up and come back another day to finish cleaning because everyone has Easter festivities to attend, but we were lucky enough this year to have it all done Easter Sunday.

The Easter Breakfast has been a tradition at Bower Hill for many years, and we thank everyone for taking part in it and making it the joyous celebration that it is!

FYI:  I don’t know how many people we served between the breakfast and coffee hour, but we had 273 attend the worship service!!

~ Theresa Child, Chair, Parish Life Committee

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