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The Spring 2017 Flea Market – Results

The Spring 2017 Flea Market

was a huge success — bringing in just under $4,500!  This is quite an accomplishment, considering that we usually make between $2,500 and $3,000 during the spring sale!

Thank you to all the people who helped.  This includes everyone who donated items; the bakers who made goodies for the snack bar; the soup cooks; and all the volunteers who worked so hard pricing, setting up and helping on Sale day.  We also had lots of help from the youth this year.  The Boy Scouts brought down the boxes from the loft and took them back up after the sale.  Some of the Bower Hill Youth Group members participated on Sale day, and helped us pack boxes on Sunday.

Some of the items left after the sale were earmarked for Family Promise, and others were given to St. Vincent de Paul.  The majority of items that were left were packed up and taken back to the loft in anticipation of the fall flea market.

Again, thanks for your generosity and hard work.

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