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Two Ways  to Support SHIM’s – Food Pantry & Sandi’s Garden

Summer and Sandi’s Garden are in full swing. Over 350 pounds of fresh produce has already been contributed to SHIM’s Food Pantry and we are not even close to being done for the year. Included in the 350 pounds are over 100 pounds of hot peppers. Some of these peppers are so small it takes 200 – 300 to produce one pound!  The third crop of beans is now being harvested and crops of swiss chard and other fall plants are in the works. To keep the produce flowing from BHCC to SHIM, we need volunteers to sign up for a week of watering in October ( and maybe even November!). It only takes a few hours per week and can be done on your schedule.  The schedule for volunteers is on the first bulletin board on the way from the sanctuary to Fellowship Hall. Directions for watering are next to the signup sheet. Please volunteer to sign up for a week, take a watering sheet with you, and be a valuable part of a mission project that shares our blessings with clients who struggle to provide their families with healthy meals in this land of plenty. Many thanks to those who have already given of their time!

Another way to support SHIM’s Food Pantry is to donate extra produce from your home garden. Simply bring it to church Sundays and leave it in the kitchen refrigerator with a note indicating it’s for SHIM. We’ll get it to SHIM each week.

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