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Information from the BHCC Eco Justice Team

Eliminate Clutter and Reduce Paper Waste

Would you like to reduce the amount of marketing mail arriving in your mailbox? Visit the websites below to opt-out.

To stop receiving Valpak coupons, search for “valpak opt-out”.  You will find  Simply enter your address.  Valpak will remind you that you can always select and print specific coupons from their website.

Search for “Red Plum opt-out”.  You will find  This site asks for name, address, phone number and email.  The site will accept your request even if you have not entered phone and email.

From, you can register to no longer receive phone books.  This site does require an email address for registration.

To address mailings from organizations that you do not already have a relationship with, go to and input your mail preferences.  There is a $2 charge to register.  Go through the categories of Catalogs, Magazine Offers, and Other Mail Offers to input your preferences.  From the final selection, Credit Offers, you can link to the next site called

From you can elect to remove your name temporarily or permanently from the lists used to distribute pre-screened credit card offers.  You will be asked for personally identifying information.  If you are not comfortable providing that data, don’t do it.


Some businesses allow customers to opt-out on their websites using the customer identifiers printed on the catalog.  When that is not an option, businesses will accept this request by phone.

Changes take five to six weeks to have an effect.  Enjoy your clutter-free space!

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