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What is Bower Hill’s Eco-Justice Team?

Consider this quote from the Washington Post:

               We are, “a planet drowning in trash.”  Every year, the world is making more of it. In 2016 alone, the world’s cities produced more than two billion tons of solid waste.  Americans produce a disproportionate amount, throwing away the equivalent of their own body weight every month.  And as the planet’s population grows, the problems are poised to become significantly worse.  Large landfills, according to a Washington Post project on trash, get as many as 10,000 tons of waste every day and are filling quickly.  Within three decades, trash will outweigh fish in the ocean, according to the World Economic Forum.”   (2-13-2019)

Bower Hill, as a congregation, is doing our small part to counter this trend.  You have probably noticed some changes at coffee hour, all of which reduce trash and, we believe, make the experience more pleasant.  Other points of efficiency and environmental safety are being studied.  If you have any ideas, the Eco-Justice Team (which exists under the auspices of the Mission Committee) would love to hear them!

Committee members are: Rev. Brian Snyder, Rob Mackey, Judy Delestienne, Chris Robbins, Alex McElroy, Jean Miewald, Dick Headley, Alan Hohlfelder, Steve Boisvert, Deb Boisvert, Rich Salvante

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