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YOU Are Being Called to be a Greeter/Usher

Have you ever wondered how those peoples’ names that appear as Greeters/Ushers in your monthly newsletter or your weekly bulletin got there?  Well, a member of the Worship and Music Committee (that would be me) goes through the membership directory on a quarterly basis and assigns members of the congregation to fulfill that role.  All members are included in the list to be drawn from, and it is important that you understand the significant part you play in fulfilling this role.

We at BHCC pride ourselves on being an open and welcoming church to all who cross our threshold.  That is why we need to have at least one greeter at each of our three entrances (the Narthex entrance to the sanctuary, the handicapped entrance next to the kitchen, and the portico entrance downstairs by the church office). The greeters make everyone feel welcome and provide directions to the sanctuary for the visitors.  Greeters are also asked to assist the head usher in the collection of the offering during the service. When you show up to greet on your assigned Sunday, please report to the head usher to obtain your greeting location and to confirm your participation in the offering.

If you are unable to serve in the capacity of greeter/usher for any reason, please notify me and your name will be placed on a “do not assign me” list.  No questions will be asked, no arms will be twisted. You and you alone know if you are able to fulfill this role.  If for any reason you are unable to serve on the Sunday you have been assigned, please try to switch Sundays with someone else on the list.  If you are unable to find a substitute, please contact me directly as soon as possible (my contact information is listed below), and I will try to find a substitute.  Thank you for your kind consideration.

Sally Child, Worship and Music Committee

(412) 831-3429;

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