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Book Title
Catalog Number
Key Words
Proverbs and Ecclesiastes
223.7 B471s
Bible. Old Testament. Ecclesiastes
The Negro American - 2
301.45 D13
1. Negroes 2. U.S. - Race question
The Taize picture Bible:Stories from the scriptures, adapted from the text of The Jerusalem Bible
220.95 T139p
Bible stories
The Koran
297.12 K84
comfortable pew
comfortable pew
change in the church
Worship and hymns for all occasions
245 W898
1. Hymns 2. Worship services
The journal of an ordinary pilgrim
248 An78j
1. Spiritual life
comfortable pew
The busy woman’s guide to a balanced life
640 B97
1. Women-Time management 2. Women-Conduct of life 3. Christian women-Relgious life 4. Spiritual life
The book of common worship. Approved by the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in the 1946 United States of America.
264.05 B644 1946
Presbyterian Church - United States - Liturgy - Texts
Service book and hymnal of the Lutheran Church in America
245 S69b
1. Hymns
The New Testament in four versions:King James, Revised Standard, Phillips Modern English, New English Bible
225 B471fv
Bible. New Testament
American Christianity: an historical interpretation with represeentative documents
277.3 Sm58
1. U.S. - Religion 2. U.S. - church history
Parenting for a peaceful home : challenges and solutions for almost perfect parenting
649 P216
1. Parenting--United States 2. Parent and child--United States 3. Child rearing--United States 4. Ch
The Book of common worship:provisional services and lectionary for the Christian year
264.05 B644
1. Worship services
Great people of the Bible and how they lived
220.9 G799
1. Bible-Biography 2. Bible-History of Biblical events
I was a teen-age communicant
248.83 Un3
Bible.O.T.English.Authorized, 1949. Select.In our image
221.52 B471i
A Book of Christmas : readings for reflection during Advent and Christmas
242.33 B645
1. Chrismtas-Prayer-Books and devotions-English 2. Advent-Prayer-books and devotions-English
The Worshipbook services
264.05 W898w
1. Worship programs 2. United PresbyterianChurch in the U.S.A.
A Handbook of Christian theology: Definition essays on concepts and movement of thought in contempory protestantism.
230 H191
1. Theology 2. Protestantism
Can you do this? Action play for beginners
796 C16
1. Games
Talking about Genesis: a resource guide.
222 T144
1. Bible. O.T. Genesis-Criticism, interpretation, etc.
The Worshipbook
254.0513 W931
1. Presbyterian Church - Liturgy - Texts
Abernathy,George L.; Langford, Thomas A.; ;
Philosophy of religion; a book of readings
Religion - Philoshopy
Abrams, Richard I., 1944-
An illustrated life of Jesus/Richard I. Abrams and Warner A.Hutchinson.
232.9 A158i
1. Jesus Christ - Art 2. Christian art and symbolism. 3. Jesus Christ - Biography 4. Christian
Abrecht, Paul
The churches and rapid social change
261 Ab85c
1. Socialogy, Christian 2. Churches, Urban
Achtemeier, Paul & Elizabeth
The Old testament roots of our faith
221.6 A47o
Bible, Old Testament - Criticism
Ackenheil, A. C.; Ackenheil, Mrs. A. C.; ;
You must take time
261.7 Ac57y
1. Communism
Acton, A. A.
O’er land and sea with the Apostle Paul
92 P281
1. Paul, Saint, Apostle
Aharoni, Yohanan
The Land of the Bible; a historical geography
220.91 Ah15l
1.Bible - Geography 2. Bible lands
Ahmann, Mathew
Race: challenge to religion
261.8 Ah1r
1. Christianity and race relations
Alan Richardson and W. Schweitzer
Biblical authority for today
220.13 W893b
1. Bible - Evidences, auathority, etc.
Albright, William Foxwell
Yahweh and the gods of Canaan: a historical analysis of two contrasting faiths.
296 A15
1. Jews - Religion
Alexander, David, 1937-; Alexander, Pat, 1937-; ;
Eerdmans’ handbook to the Bible. Edited by David Alexander and Pat Alexander.
220.02 A375e
Bible - Handbooks, manuals, etc.
Allen, Charles L.
The twenty-third psalm:an interpretation
223.7 A53t
Allport, Gordon W.
The nature of prejudice
301.45 AL57
1. Antipathies and prejudices
Allport, Gordon W.
The individual and his religion: a psychological interpretation
248 AL57i
l. Religion
Allstrom, Elizabeth
Let’s play a story
792 AL58L
1. Children’s plays
Alt, Albrecht
Essays on Old Testament history and religion
221.9 A79e
Bible. O.T. - History
Althaus, Paul
The theology of Martin Luther
230 AL79t
1. Luther, Martin (1483-1546)
Alyson, Sasha
You can do something about AIDS
616.97 A477y
1. AIDS (Disease) - Popular works 2. Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome - Popular works
Anderson, Bernhard W.
Rediscovering the Bible
220 An23r
Bible; Criticism; interpretation
Anderson, Herbert
248.8 An24p
1. Life change events--Religious aspects--Christianity 2. Pastoral counseling. 3. Adjustment (Psycho
Anderson, Herbert; Fite, Robert Cotton; ;
Becoming married.
248.8 An24
1. Marriage--Religious aspects--Christianity 2. Family--Religious life
Anderson, Herbert; Johnson, Susan B.W. ; ;
Regarding children : a new respect for childhood and families.
649 An24
1. Children--United States 2. Family--United States 3. Child rearing--United States
Anderson, Herbert; Mitchell, Kenneth R.; ;
Leaving home.
248.8 An24L
1. Family--Religious life 2. Parenting--Religious apsects--Christianity 3. Autonomy in youth. 4. Par
Argyle, A.W.
The Gospel according to Matthew
226.2 Ar39g
1. Bible. New Testament-Matthew
Arnold, Johann Christoph
Seeking peace : notes and conversations along the way
291.1 Ar65
1. Peace of mind-Religious aspects. 2. Peace-Religious aspects.
Arnold, Johann Christoph
Be not afraid : overcoming the fear of death.
248.8 Ar65
1. Death-Religious aspects-Bruderhof Communities 2. Bruderhof Communities-Doctrine
Arnold, William V.
When your parents divorce
301.42 Ar66
1. Divorce-United States
Arnote, Thelma
Understanding nursery children
268.4 A66u
1. Child study
Arnstein, Helene S.
What to tell your child about birth, death, illness, divorce and other family crises
261.8 A66w
1. Children-Management
Aron, Robert
Jesus of Nazareth:the hidden years.
232.92 Ar67j
1. Jesus Christ-Biog.
Augustinus, Aurelius
The confessions of St. Augustine
242 A45c
Aulen, Gustaf
Christus Victor: a historicall study of the three main types of the idea of atonement.
232.3 Au51c
1. Atonement
Ausubel, David P.
Drug Addiction:Physiological, Psychological, and Sociological Aspects
616.86 A72
1. Narcotic habit
Ayres, Francis O.
The ministry of the laity: a Biblical exposition.
260 Ay74m
1. Christian laymen
Azariah, V. S.
Christian giving
254.8 Az16c
1. Church finance 2. Christian ethics
B arker, William P.
The under-thirties in the Bible:Saints and swingers.
220.92 B245u
By way of the heart
248 A888
1. Spiritual life - Catholic Chu
Beyond chaos
1.Family-Religious aspects-Christianity 2.Family-Religious life
A glimpse of Jesus
248.4 M284g
1.Self-acceptance-religious aspects 2. Christian life
Disability Inclusion Sunday
CD 40
Joined at the heart : the transformation of the American family
Tape Cassette 100
Families - United States
BHCC Vacation Bible School 2009
DVD 1091
Bible School
Contemporary worship
264 W947c
1.Public worship 2. Worship programs
Understanding the Old Testament
221.6 A546u
1.Bible,O.T.-History of Biblical events
BHCC Vacation Bible School 2009: Day Camp
DVD 1092
BHCC Family Christmas Eve Service
DVD 209
Children's Service
BHCC Family Christmas Eve Service
Children's Service
The Message
223 P485m
1.Job--Song of Songs
Bach, Marcus
The circle of faith
922 B122
1. Christian biography
Bach, Marcus
The inner ecstasy
248.2 B122i
1. Glossolalia
Bailey, Albert Edward
Daily life in Bible times
933 B151
1. Bible lands - Social life and customs
Bailey, Albert Edward
The Gospel in art
220.8 B151g
Bible - - New Testament -- Gospels
Bailey, Albert Edward
The gospel in hymns, background and interpretation
245 B151g
1. Hymns
Bailey, Kenneth e.
Poety & peasant: and, Through peasant eyes: a literary-cultural approach to the parables in Luke
226 B154
1. Jesus Christ-Parables 2. Bible. N. T. -Criticism, interpretation, etc.
Baille, John
A diary of readings: being an anthology of pages suited to engate serious thought, one for every day of the year gathered from the wisdom ofmany centuries
242.2 B158d
1. Meditations
Baillie, D.M.
God was in Christ: an essay on incarnation and atonement
232 B158g
1.Jesus Christ 2. Atonement
Baillie, John
A diary of private prayer
248 B158d
1. Prayers
Bainton, Roland E.
The Reformation of the sixteenth century
270.6 B161r
1. Reformation
Bainton, Roland H.
The travail of religious liberty: nine biographical studies
920 B161
1. Religious - Biography 2. Religious liberty
Bainton, Roland H.
The church of our fathers
270 B161c
1. Church history
Baird, James
Horn of plenty: the story of the Presbyterian Ministers’ Fund
254 B162h
Baird, William
The Corinthian church: a Biblical approach to urban culture
254.2 B164c
1. Bible. New Testament-Corinthians I and II 2. Church history-Primative and early church
Baird, William Robb, 1887-
Funeral meditations
252.1 B163f
1. Funeral sermons 2. Sermons, American -
Baker, Eric
The neglected factor
241 B173n
1. Christian life 2. Christian ethics
Baker, Richard T.
The Christian as a journalist.
378.99 B176c
1. Christian ethics 2. Journalists
Baker, Wesley C.
The split-level fellowship
260 B178s
1. Christian laymen
Baker, Wesley C.
Hope in this world
260 B178h
1. Christianity-20th century
Balchin, John F.
The compact survey of the Bible
220.6 B189c
Baldwin, James
The fire next time
301.46 B193
1. Negroes 2. U.S. - Race question
Baldwin, James
Blues for Mister Charlie
812 B193b
Baldwin, James
The Negro protest
301.45 B193
1. U.S. - race question
Baldwin, James
Nobody knows my name: more notes of a native son
301.46 B193
1. U.S. - Race question 2. Negroes
Bales, James D.
Communism:; its faith and fallacies
335.4 B195
1. Communism
Baltzell, E. Digby
The Protestant establishment, aristocracy and caste in America
301.44 B218
1. Protestantism in the U.s.
Baly, Denis
Geographical companion to the Bible
220.9 B219g
Bible - Geography
Barbour, Ian G.
Christianity and the scientist.
378.99 B234c
1. Christian ethics 2. Scientists.
Barbour, Russell and Ruth
Religious ideas for arts and crafts
268.6 B234r
1. Church schools 2. Handicrafts for children
Barclary, William
Prayers for young people
242.63 B472p
1. Prayers
Barclay, William
Train up a child : educational ideals in the ancient world.
372.9 B235t
1. Education of children
Barclay, William
The letters of John and Jude
227.9 B235L
1. Bible. New Testament-John (Epistle) 2. Bible. New Testament - Jude
Barclay, William
A guide to daily prayer
248 B235g
1. Prayer 2. Meditations
Barclay, William
The New Testament:a new translation by William Barclay
225.5 B471b
Barclay, William
The gospel of Matthew
226.2 B472b
Barclay, William
The all-sufficient Christ: Studies in Paul’s letter to the Colossians.
227.7 B235a
1. Bible. New Testament-Colossians
Barclay, William
Jesus as they saw Him: New Testament interpretations of Jesus.
232.9 B235j
1. Jesus Christ.
Barclay, William
Turning to God: a study of conversion in the book of Acts and today
248 B235t
1. Conversion 2. Bible. New Testament-Acts
Barclay, William
The gospel of Mark
226.3 B472b
Barclay, William
The gospel of John
226.5 B472b
Barclay, William
The Promise of the spirit
231.3 B235p
1. Holy Spirit
Barclay, William
The letters to Timothy, Titus and Philemon
227.8 B235r
1. Bible. New Testament-Epistles
Barclay, William
The Master’s men
225.92 B235m
1. Apostles
Barclay, William
God’s young church
220.92 B235g
Bible Bible-biography
Barclay, William
The Revelation of John
228 B235r
1. Bible. New Testament-Revelation
Barclay, William
Ethics in a permissive society
248.4 B235e
1. Christian ethics
The Bible and history
220.9 B235b
Biblel - History of Biblical events
Barker, William P.
Personalities around Jesus
220.92 B245p
Bible, N.T. - Biography ; Women in the Bible
Barker, William P.
They stood boldly: men and women in the Book of Acts
226.6 B255t
1. Bible. N.T. Acts--Sermons
Barker, William P.
Kings in shirtsleeves; men who ruled Israel
220.92 B245k
Bible. O. T. - Biography
Barker, William P.
Saints in aprons and overalls: friends of Paul
220.92 B245s
Bible. N.T,-Biography ; Paul, Saint, Apostle.
Barker, William P.
They stood boldly
226.6 B245t
Barker, William P.
Everyone in the Bible
220.92 B245e
Bible - Biography ; Bible - Dictionaries
Barker, William P.
Who’s who in church history
209.22 B245w
Christian biography
Barker, William P.
When God says no
220.92 B245n
Bible - Biography
Barker, William P.
Twelve who were chosen: the disciples of Jesus
220.92 B245t
Apostles. ; Bible. N.T. - Biography
Barker, William P.
As Matthew saw the Master
220.92 B245a
Bible. N.T. Matthew
Barker, William Pierson
A Savior for all seasons.
232.3 B246s
1. Christian life
Barker, William Pierson
To pray is to live
248.3 B245t
Barna, George.
User friendly churches : what Christians need to know about the churches people love to go to.
254 B253
1. Church growth-United States. 2. United States-Church history-20th century.
Barnhart, Nancy
The Lord is my shepherd
220.95 B266l
Bible - Stories
Baron, Jason D.
Kids & drugs : a parent’s handbook of drug abuse prevention & treatment.
362.2 B268
1. Drug abuse
Barrett, C. K.
The pastoral epistles
227.8 B275p
1. Bible. New Testament-Epistles
Barry, F.R.
Recovery of man
233 B279r
1. Christianity
Barth, Karl
A Shorter commentary on Romans.
227.1 B282s
1. Bible. New Testament-Romans.
Barth, Karl
Call for God
252 B282c
1. Sermons
Barth, Markus
Conversation withthe Bible
220.6 B282c
Bible - Criticism, interpretation, etc.
Bartley, William Warren,III
The retreat to commitment
Religion - Philosophy
Barton, Bruce
The man nobody knows: a discovery of the real Jesus.
232.95 B285m
1. Jesus Christ.
Basset, Elizabeth
Love is my meaning: an anthology of assurance
242 B294L
1. Devotional literature
Bates, Barbara
Bible festivals and holy days
394 B318b
1. Fasts and feasts
Bauman, Edward W.
Intercesssory prayer
264.1 B327i
1. Prayer
Bauman, Edward W.
The life and teaching of Jesus
232 B327L
Bayne, Stephen F.
Space age Christianity
261 B343s
1. Bible and science
Beare, Francis Wright
The earliest records of Jesus: a companion to the Synopsis of the first three Gospels, by Albert Huck
226 B38L
1. Bible. New Testament-Gospels.
Beare, Frank W.
St. Paul and his letters
227 B38s
1, Paul, Saint, Apostle 2. Bible. N.T.-Epistles
Beck, Victor E.; Lindberg, Paul M.; ;
A book of Lent, with daily devotions
242.3 B388b
1. Devotional exercises 2. Lent
Beker, J. Christiaan
The church faces the world: late New Testament writings.
227 B398c
1. Church history - Primitive and early church. 2. Bible - New Testament.
Bennett, John C.
Nuclear weapons and the conflict of conscience
261.6 B439n
1. Christian ethics 2. Christianity and politics 3. Bible and science
Bennett, John C.
Christianity and our world
261 B439c
1. Christian ethics
Bennett, John C.
Christianity and communmism today
261.7 B439c
1. Christianity and communism
Benz, Ernst
The Eastern Orthodox Church - it’s thought and life
281.9 B448
1. Orthodox Eastern church
Berger, Peter L.
The noise of solemn assembliles: Christian commitment and religious establishment in America
260 B453n
1. Church
Berger, Peter L.
The precarious vision: a sociologist looks at social fictions and Christian faith
301.4 B453
1. Sociology, Christian
Bernall, M.(Misty)
She said yes : the unlikely martyrdom of Cassie Bernall.
373.1 B456
1. Bernall, Cassie, 1981-1999 2. Students--Chrimesagainst--Colorado--Littleton--Case Studies. 3. Sch
Berry, Ruth Muirhead
High is the wall
301.426 B459
1. Marriage
Berton, Pierre
The comfortable pew
261 B462c
1. Church 2. Christianity
Bettenson, Henry
Documents of the Christian church
270 B466d
1. Christian literature-Collections 2. Church history
Bewer, Julius A.
The literature of the Old Testament
221.7 B468l
Bible as literature
Bewkes, Eugene G., et al.
The western heritage of faith and reason
270 B468w
1. Church history 2. Christianity-Philosophy
Bible. New Testament. Corinthians
The letters to the Corinthians. Translated with an introduction and interpretation by William Barclay.
227.2 B472b
Bible. New Testament. Galatians & Ephesians
The letters to the Galatians and Ephesians.
227.4 B472b
Bible. New Testament. Hebrews
The letter to the Hebrews
227.8 B472hb
Bible. New Testament. Romans; Barclay, William; ;
The letter to the Romans: Translated with an introduction and interpretation by William Barclay
227.1 B472b
Bible. New Testament.; Barclay, William; ;
The letters to the Philippians, Colossians, and Thessalonians: Translated with introductions and interpretations by William Barclay
227.6 B472b
1. Bible. New Testament-Philippians. 2. Bible. New Testament-Colossians. 3. Bible. New Testament-The
Biblell. New Testament. Acts.
The acts of the apostles
226.6 B472m
Bishop, Jim
The day Christ died.
232.96 B541d
1. Jesus Christ - Crucifixion.
The day Christ was born.
232.92 B541d
1. Jesus Christ-Nativity.
Blaiklock, E. M.
Cities of the New Testament
956 B573c
Blake, Eugene Carson
He is Lord of all
232 B581h
1. Jesus Christ
Blake, Eugene Carson
The Church in the next decade
261 B581c
1. Church 2. Protestantism
Blakemore, W. B.
The challenge of Christian unity
280.1 B583
1. Christian union
Blanshard, Paul
Freedom and Catholic power in spain and Portugal: an American interpretation
282.46 B611
1. Catholic church in Spain 2. Catholic church in Portugal 3. Religious liberty
Blanshard, Paul
Religion and the schools
322.1 B611
1. Church and state
Blanshard, Paul
American freedom and Catholic power
282.73 B611
1. Roman Catholic Church 2. Religious liberty
Blaustein,Albert P.
Desegregation and the law: the meaning and effect of the school segregation cases, by Albert P. Blaustei and Clarence Clyde Ferguson
301.46 B613
1. U.S. - Race question 2. Negroes - Segregation and desegregation
Bobo, Kimberley
Lives matter: a handbook for Christian organizing
261 B631
1. Sociology, Christian
Boehlke, Robert R.
Theories of learning in Christian education
268 B633t
1. Christian education
Bolding, Amy
Installation services for all groups
265 B637i
1. Church work
Boles, Donald E.
The Bible, religion and the public schools: with court case rulings; their significance and comment by religious spokesmen and others
322.1 B638
1. Church and state
Bonhoeffer, Dietrich
Life together....
240 B641L
1. Spiritual life
Bonhoeffer, Dietrich
No rusty swords: letters, lectures and notes 1928-1936, from the collected works of...
92 B641n
Bonhoeffer, Dietrich
The Communion of saints
301.4 B641
1. Sociology, Christian 2. Theology
Bonhoeffer, Dietrich
Letters and papers from prison...
92 B641L
1. Spiritual life
Bonhoeffer, Dietrich
The cost of discipleship
248.4 B64c
Bonnell, John Sutherland
The practice and power of prayer
264.1 B643p
1. Prayer
Bonnell, John Sutherland, 1893-
No escape from life
253.5 B716n
1. Pastoral counseling
Bonner, Gerald
St. Augustine of Hippo: life and controversies
92 Au45s
1. Augustinus, Aurelius, Saint, Bishop of Hippo
Booth, Edwin P.
Religion ponders science
215 B644r
Borden, Richard C.
Public speaking--as listeners like it
808.5 B645p
1. Oratory
Bornkamm, Gunther
Jesus of Nazareth
232.9 B645j
1. Jesus Christ
Everyday life in New Testament times
225.91 B665e
1. Bible lands -Social life and customs
Bowen, Howard R.
Social responsibilities of the businessman
261.85 B675s
1. Christian ethics 2. Christianity and economics
Bowie, Walater Russell
The Bible story for boys and girls: Old Testament
221.95 B679b
Bible - Old Testament-Stories
Bowie, Walter Russell
Lift up your hearts
242 B679L
1. Prayers
Bowie, Walter Russell
Men of fire
920 B679
1. Christian biography
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