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Mission - Christmas Angel Trees

Angel Trees containing orgnament for gifts that can be bought for a charitable group

Christmas Angel Trees

Bower Hill again has 3 angel trees for Christmas. 

1. Veterans Leadership Program:  The vision of Veterans Leadership Program is that every Veteran of the United States Military reach their fullest potential as citizens of the Nation that they have so proudly served. VLP is proud to serve all who served, regardless of VA eligibility, discharge status or length of service. They have successfully made an impact on 7,200 Veterans annually in 30 counties across Pennsylvania, New York and Ohio.

We will be providing gift cards and gifts for veterans and their families.  Gifts need to be returned to Bower Hill, unwrapped, by December 8th.

2. Maasai women and children: The Maasai are a cattle-herding people group in Kenya who are neighbors of Hekima Place.  There has been no rain in Kenya for over 2 years and the cattle are dying, leaving the Maasai with no means of support.

We will be providing funds for the management of Hekima Place to buy food drops for the Maasai women so they can feed their children.  Each drop costs $35 and will contain 2kg Sugar, 250gm Tea leaves, 4kg Beans , 4kg Maize flour, 4kg Wheat flour, 2lt Cooking oil, 2kg Rice, 1kg Salt and 1 Packaging bag.  Make checks out to BHCC and put Hekima Food Box in the memo line.  Please return before Christmas Day.


3.  Holidays from the Heart:  Help reduce the stigma of mental health challenges. The Holidays from the Heart campaign is providing holiday gifts to patients at UPMC Western Behavioral Health.  These gifts need to arrive by December 12th so that Mrs. Claus (aka Marianne Cornetti) can distribute them with great fanfare on December 16th.


We will use the website

to order gifts in the wish list and have them delivered to

Making Minds Matter Upmc Wbh

3600 Forbes Avenue @ Meyran Avenue

Forbes Tower Suite 10055
Pittsburgh, PA 15213


Please note that the prices shown on this website may not be the same

as the actual prices when you submit your order.

If you do NOT pick a gift tag off the Angel Trees, either put your name or "Anonymous" in the "Donor" column. Follow instructions above or below as to where to deliver gifts. Use slider on right side to scroll down to see all of the items.

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