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Live Streaming of Worship Services

On Sunday, the web streaming will be available around 9:20 a.m. Prior to 9:20 a.m., you will get a message telling you how long before the scheduled broadcast begins. Once the service begins, the video will play. If you start watching in the middle of the service, you will see what is live. It will not start at the beginning. But you can watch the entire service from the beginning any time after the service has ended. Use the Worship Service link below to go directly to the video. If you have problems, try the BHCC YouTube Channel link.

Worship Service - 10/24/2021

Sunday Service Bulletin - 10/24/2021

Adult Education Zoom 11:00 am - 10/24/2021


BHCC YouTube Channel

Use Music Video Archive Listing By Title to find week song was sung. The Music Video Archive is ordered by week sung.

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