Getting Involved - Flea Market

Covid-19 Rules

 If you are in a high-risk group or spend time with someone from a high-risk group, we encourage you to wait for fall flea market.

  • MASKS WILL BE REQUIRED We are aware that CDC guidance says masks are optional for those who are vaccinated and many stores are following that guidance. However, some stores are still requiring masks for all customers. Also, most stores and restaurants have options for curbside pick up that we do not. For those reasons, our Session has decided to require masks for this flea market.

  • Staggered entrance at 8:30 - Initially, about 20 customers will be let in. A few minutes later another 20, a few minutes later another 20. And so on. At some point, if it looks like it’s getting crowded, we may wait until some customers leave to allow more groups in. Once the initial rush is over (probably somewhere between 9:00 and 9:30) customers will be able to walk right in.  

  • Workers will be sanitizing high contact areas on a regular basis - This will mainly be the pay tables.

  • Hand sanitizer will be available at all pay tables

  • Windows will be open for better ventilation. If it’s chilly in the morning, please dress accordingly.

Flea Market - "Spring" 2021

Saturday, June 5 - 8:30 am - 3:00 pm

Half-Price Sale 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Bower Hill Community Church Fall Flea Market

70 Moffett St, Mt. Lebanon, 15243 (off Bower Hill Road)

5 rooms/areas over 50 tables

   Main room with stage, book room, Jewelry area, boutique room, hallways

   No clothes, only small furniture
  Good supply of items in most categories

   Lots of silk flower arrangements, wreaths and glassware for events

Snack Bar - Soup, Sandwiches, Baked Goods - Outside or Grab and Go (depending on the weather)



Initial rush at 8:30 am will be staged to allow people spread out in rooms. That is a small group of people will be let in, wait a couple of minutes, let the next group in, repeat, until all are in. Probably after 9:00 am, there will be not be any waiting.


Please read the Covid-19 Rules below to make sure you are willing to abide by the rules. We regret all the inconveniences but this is the only way we can have it this year and provide a level of safety for our customers and workers. We expect to be fully back to normal for the Fall 2021 flea market.