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New Here? - Next Steps

Share your faith journey with us!  There are several options for getting involved with the church.  All start by having a conversation with our pastor, Brian Snyder. Feel free to Call or Email.

  • Join the church: Joining a church does not mean that you’ve found all the answers to life’s riddles.  It means that you want to explore the big questions with us because you like our approach to faith and the work we do.  Classes for new members are arranged about twice a year, whenever there are six or more people interested in membership.  These classes are led by our pastor.  They are about four hours long and take place on a Sunday with a catered lunch from Panera and free childcare.

  • Get involved without joining: Maybe you like being active at church, but you’ve got things preventing you from signing on the dotted line.  You’re not alone, and we understand.  You can still be as active as you like in the life of the church, participating in worship, in classes, and in all of our events.  You may even choose to affiliate as a “friend” of the congregation.

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