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Eco-Justice Team - February 2024

As we move into the new year, many sources advise re-examining the way we’ve always done things. Mt. Lebanon has contracted with a new waste removal and recycling service. As part of this new contract, glass can once again be recycled curbside. However, this is not as positive a move as one might think. Sources indicate that curbside recycling of glass is only 20% effective. Glass recycled in the PRC bins at Village Square or at Michael Brothers on Horning Road in Bethel Park has an 80% effective recycling rate. As convenient as curbside glass recycling may be, we hope you will consider continuing to use either of those more effective sites. It is a good idea for members of any community to keep up with any such changes.

The Eco-justice Team continues to support the conversion of any lawn area in to a healthier place for beneficial insects, and even humans. Pennsylvania DRC has programs to aid in this conversion ( You might also check out Doug Tallamy’s Homegrown National Park (

Although we are in the dead of winter, spring will, as always, return, bringing with it the hope of renewal and new opportunities for positive change.


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