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Eco-Justice Team - January 2024

Another fresh new year is here

Another year to live!

To banish worry, doubt, and fear,

To love and laugh and give!

William Arthur Ward

Here we are beginning another new year, with all its possibilities. One of the biggest ones for BHCC is our commitment to being a Matthew 25 congregation. Thanks to the cooperation of the Adult Ed. committee, in the coming months we will have Adult Ed. sessions on how climate affects “the least of these,” as enumerated by Jesus. Another aspect of our Matthew 25 stand is RIP Medical Debt. You have probably seen local news stories about the fact that Pennsylvania and West Virginia lead the country in cases of silica related Black Lung disease. Spread the word about our effort!

The Washington Post Climate Coach had an interesting column recently about the possibilities we have to influence others. Behavioral scientists consistently find that facts and data have very little effect on us compared to the influence of those around us. If you love your new hybrid, EV, heat pump AC system, or induction stove, share that with others! We won’t all be early adopters, but we’re likely to trust those around us, and can all spread the word.

Making your opinions known to your legislators is seemingly more important than we realize. Even, or especially, when we agree with them. BHCC has made it easy for all of us by posting their information on our website contacts page.

Happy New Year!


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