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Eco-Justice Team - May 2024

Along with much-anticipated spring weather, spotted lanternfly season will soon be with us. This article is a good guide for how to mitigate their presence and damage: Parasitic wasps, vibrating traps and other ways science is trying to destroy the spotted lanternfly

Grilling season will soon be upon us. Use this link to find out how to refill propane tanks at home and camping as well as disposing of old ones: Recycling Mystery: Propane Tanks

The Mt. Lebanon Nature Conservancy is facilitating a book discussion group around books related to nature, conservation, and environmental action at the Mt. Lebanon Library. Meetings are planned for May 23 and July 11. For more information, follow this link: Green Reads Book Club

Need to dispose of hazardous household chemicals, old paint, outdated appliances as part of your spring cleaning? PA Resource Council (PRC) has the answer. This link provides schedules for how to safely dispose of materials weekly refuse collections won’t: PRC Collection Events

Finally, closer to home, celebrate Earth Day later by joining members Saturday, May 4, at 9 a.m., to clean up the church grounds. Don’t forget your shovel and gloves!


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