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Eco-Justice Team News

When the winds of change blow, some people build walls and others build windmills. -Chinese proverb

Although the newsletter this time is for two months, this is being written in the first days of 2021, as we are all thinking about the hopes and challenges of the year to come. Hopes should outweigh everything for this year, as vaccinations become more available, and a new administration in Washington promises more civility, honesty, and integrity.

Challenges remain, however, even as we see more solutions arising on the horizon. Deb Boisvert has a cousin in Sonoma County, CA, whose Christmas message to family included these words: “The wildfires have been so scary. We are SO close to this year’s fire. We know people who lost their homes and acreages on which they depended for livelihood. Each year so far I rationalize - it won’t cross the freeway, the river, the redwoods burn slowly (they do) but no doubt it is getting worse. We have every system we can think of in place, backups of everything, generators, communications, hoses, air purifiers. But it doesn’t take away the anxiety or deal with the awful air.”

Of course, you don’t have to live near raging wildfires to endure awful air. I hope many of you will be attending the Adult Education session on Saturday, January 9, which will include a presentation from the maker of a film about the air in Clairton. For a bit of perspective, here is some information from the EPA which was current as of 11/30/2020:

As we move into the new year, the Eco-Justice team is hoping to find partners to aid us in our mission. Within the congregation, we hope to continue to work with the Adult Education committee, to find ways we can plug into BHCC’s new foray into racial issues, and how we can be part of the solution. We are also reaching out to other churches and faith organizations to find out what is possible if we work together. Also, keep checking the church website for new information. We are all finding new directions Christ can lead us, even in a time of isolation and danger. God is truly present in the world!

These websites have been mentioned previously, but are each helpful in different ways:

The Green Voice ( is helpful for local resources on things such as gardening, food, and shopping.

PA Interfaith Power and Light ( offers Sip of Sustenance, twice a week inspirational quotations and messages.


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