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Eco-Justice Team - October 2022

Fall is a good season for planting, and after a summer of environmental disasters, it’s easy to think about small steps we can take on our own properties. Think of a butterfly. It feasts on a backyard with native flowers and plants. An apartment window box can help it survive its journey. A lawn, however, is a desert. The more we can offer the butterfly, the more we help. Both a window box and a bigger space of native plants are a small, but useful tool. Native plants are generally easy to grow, and require little or no fertilization or watering. They feed insects that are vital for the pollination of our food sources. Grass has its uses but, as with many things, less is more. According to the New York Times, it the largest irrigated crop in the US, greater than corn. If you aren’t ready to get rid of your grass, let go of the idea of perfection. Dandelions and clover create a bee-friendly lawn. If you’re not using your lawn as a putting green every day, think about making it a more practical space. You can also make small changes over time, such as adding trees, shrubs, and perennials. Instead of a sterile lawn, you’ll end up with a lovely place to enjoy nature!


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