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Eco-Justice Team - October 2023

Since the Eco-Justice Team was formed several years ago, we have made some changes around the church building and grounds, and, we hope in all our habits. We have, however, not done much beyond efforts through Adult Education to address the justice part of our mission. Therefore, we are very excited to be part of the Session’s Matthew 25 project, RIP Medical Debt. As you probably already know, many medical problems are environmentally related. Those without means are usually the ones without the resources to fight toxins in their neighborhoods. Whether it be major highways destroying neighborhoods and spewing pollutants, or poisoned wells in rural areas, or the lingering effects of occupational diseases such as black lung, or train derailments just about anywhere, the affluent can fight with both money and knowledge.

A few years ago, we welcomed pediatrician Dr. Ned Ketyer to Adult Education for an informative session on the health dangers associated with fracking. He is associated with the Environmental Health Project, which has also released information about the possible cancer dangers of the cracker plant in Beaver. Check out their website, Another resource about a local threat is the book, “Amity and Prosperity,” by Eliza Griswold. Both are worth a look.

As we move into fall, don’t forget the upcoming flea market, for all your holiday shopping. Although most of us are not farmers, we continue to sing praises and give thanks to the “Lord of Harvest.” Let’s appreciate all that we have, and try to give up the longing for more.


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