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From the Eco-Justice Team

How are you all doing with the plastic challenge? This is being written in mid-March, so you’ve still got time! If you have any triumphs or observations you’d like to share, the Eco-Justice Committee is eager to hear them. Contact the office, or email Every little bit helps!

Another thing we can do to join the world-wide effort to reduce global warming is to pay attention to food waste. It is estimated that more than 1/3 of all food grown for human consumption in this country is wasted, and most of that goes into a landfill rather than becoming compost. Susan Miller-Davis, a principal in the food and consulting firm Infinite Table, has some suggestions for all of us. Shop with a list, and only buy the ingredients you are most likely to use. Some people use tactics such as making a list of what’s in the refrigerator; dating purchases; or moving the oldest food to the top shelf; and buying local whenever possible, in order to get the freshest produce. Rather than cooking what you’re in the mood for, open your refrigerator and think about what needs to be cooked. Support organizations like 412 Food Rescue, which redirects food waste from restaurants and institutions to organizations serving the hungry. Reducing food waste is one of that climate solutions that costs almost nothing while providing both financial and environmental benefits.

Earth Day was established 51 years ago, and continues to be widely celebrated. This year, Earth Day Mt. Lebanon will sponsor a local celebration. More information will be forthcoming in April, but for now they are planning activities you can do on your own. Much information will be available through a story board. To follow developments, follow their Facebook page,

As our thoughts turn to spring and our gardens, many of us are exploring how to incorporate native plants and pollinators into our yards. Below are two resources for locating native plants that are not invasive and will support pollinators more effectively. Enjoy!

Native Plant Sources - PA Native Plant Society

Where to Buy Native Plants - PA Department of Conservation and Natural Resources

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