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From the Eco-Justice Team → 1-800 . . . . what do I do with this stuff??

We often find ourselves stuck, wondering what to do with items we no longer need or use, yet are hesitant to throw away. Perhaps you've helped to clean out the home of a loved one, or assisted your parents in getting rid of things as they look towards moving to a smaller home. It can be relatively easy to re-home clothing and kitchen items, but what to do with a skein of yarn, an old slide projector, or an unused box of tiles that were left over from that flooring project years ago? We've run across two local organizations that just might help you put these treasures to good use, while avoiding calling the "haul-it-away" service! Both are located in the Homewood/Point Breeze area, and they just happen to share a building.

The Pittsburgh Center for Creative Reuse ( is a nonprofit that inspires creativity, conservation, and community engagement through reuse. PCCR operates a non-traditional art supply shop where people can donate used art and craft supplies, as well as shop for these items all in the same location. On the Center's list of items they are currently accepting from donors are included: artwork; small musical instruments; non-decorated baskets and suitcases; trophies; stationery; fabric; wrapping paper; office supplies; overhead projector; pre-1970 magazines; old snapshots and slides; buckets, containers, cord and much more. An up to date donation guide may be found on the Center's website, along with a form to request a materials drop-off appointment (new procedure during COVID times). In addition to operating a store for the purpose of selling all these reclaimed items, the Center offers custom kits, video tutorials, and live virtual instruction for organizations and individuals seeking creative activities, whether it is for a classroom, a community center, or a virtual party.

Construction Junction ( is located just around the corner from PCCR. CJ works to support and promote conservation through the reuse of building materials. Donations of used and surplus materials are accepted at their large warehouse, and are sold to new users in their 30,000 square food adjoining store. Their materials are a fraction of the cost of new, and their their mission has both an environmental and social impact. Items one can donate include: appliances; architectural salvage (at times, you can find old church pews here!); tile; mirrors and glass; lighting; doors; hardware and tools; and many other one-of-a-kind treasures. Check on the organization's website for more information and a list of items currently in demand.

Both these organizations are currently selling items through their on-line stores, as well as at their physical location. Policies have changed throughout the pandemic, so be sure to check their respective websites before making a trip to 214 N. Lexington Street, Pittsburgh 15208. Even better -- join the Eco-Justice Committee for a "field trip" to these two organizations sometime in late September or October. Date is pending. Watch your church announcements for further details.


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