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Get Outdoors - Chartiers Creek Flood Plain - February 11, 2023

On February 11, 2023, a group of 5 members of Bower Hill Community Church hiked the Chartiers Creek flood plain trail behind the Hastings housing development. The temperature was around freezing but nice with the full sun. Our starting point was at the parking lot on Mayview road below the water towers in Fairview Park. We followed the trail that parallels the train tracks below the Hastings housing development. On our left were many man made ponds designed to fill-up during flooding to create a wet lands. In the ponds were a few geese and various bird activity alone the way. At the far end of the trail, we walked a short distance on the railroad track to the bridge over the creek. We got a great view of Mayview/Boyce Park across the creek. We turned around starting to retrace our steps on the way back. About halfway, we took a side trail on the right. It took us on a path between two ponds which had recent beaver activity. Continuing on the path, we crossed a dry stream that only flows at high water eventually coming to Chartiers creek. Across the creek, we could see the path that comes down from the Morton fields complex. We went back to the main trail and a little further took another side trail to another pond with beaver activity. After that we returned to the main trail and to our car. It was a great day to get out during the winter.


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