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Get Outdoors - Deer Lakes Park - June 1, 2024

On June 1, 2024, a group consisting of 2 members of Bower Hill Community Church hiked the Deer Lakes Park trails on the south side of the park. It was a beautiful sunny cool morning. We found the start of the White loop behind the middle lake. Most of the hike consisted of small hills and stretches of level trail. The majority of the trail was single track through the trees and a few fields. Shortly, into the hike we crossed a clearing for a power line that transverses most of the park. We crossed a service road which had a large barn and several solar arrays. Other than a couple of trail runners and a family with two dogs, we had the trail to ourselves. At the end of the trail was a road we intended to take back to the car. Since there was no berm to walk on we decided to find another route back. Nearby was a disc golf course with the holes laid out in the woods and open fields. We followed some of the holes, did a little bushwhacking and found ourselves at the third lake. When we hiked in May only a small area of the lakes had the lily pads but now the majority of the lake was covered.


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