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Get Outdoors - Fairview Park

On July 10th 2021, our group of 7, mostly members of Bower Hill Community explored Fairview Park. The temperature was about 60 degrees for the start and 70 degrees when we ended. Blue skies with nice white clouds. We started the hike by checking out the Lost Souls Cemetery. We hiked to the water towers then to the highest point in the park. We were rewarded with a 360 degree view of the surrounding area. We were able to see the US Steel/UPMC building, Providence Point and many other features. We hiked the wide grassy paths then took a wooded path with views of the Upper St. Clair rec center and Boyce/Mayview park. Unfortunately, we did not get pictures that day but have posted pictures taken the on previous trips to the park. The group photo is of the group that hiked.

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