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Get Outdoors - Hartwood Acres - July 6, 2024

On July 6, 2024, 3 members of Bower Hill hiked a trails in Hartwood Acres County Park emanating from the amphitheater. From the parking lot, we walked through the fields leading to the amphitheater. To the left of the amphitheater we found a short grassy trail with wildflowers on both sides. Soon we found a trailhead with several choices. Unfortunately, the trails were not marked the same as our map, so we picked one of the trails and began to travel down it. After awhile the trail emerged out of the woods at the Hartwood Acres stables. We found another trail on which we were rewarded with numerous deer sightings. Much of the forest was covered with ferns and other plants. Then we took the blue trail loop which included passing by the dog park. On the way back to the car we checked out the large sculpture on the hill above the amphitheater. We crossed the final field and stopped to check out the kids learning to play soccer.


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