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Get Outdoors – October - Two Outings

October 2, 2021 – South Park Connector Trail This hike will include a short time on the Montour Trail near Library, then hiking the South Park Connector Trail, and the majority of time on a loop of some less used South Park trails. The hike should be about two hours. There will be a fair number of hills. We will meet at 9:00 a.m. in the main parking lot and carpool to the hike, or you can drive your own vehicle. The trailhead is a 30-minute drive, so it will be about 12:00 p.m. when we return. If it rains, we will reschedule. Please email me at or call so that I have a rough idea of who is coming.

October 9, 2021 – Southern Beltway --

The Pennsylvania Turnpike is celebrating completing a section of the Southern Beltway with a community day on Saturday, October 9, 2021, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Plan to ride or walk the 5-mile open section from a perspective you may not get to experience again! The location is in South Fayette Township, PA Turnpike 576 westbound entrance ramp. Walk/bike a five-mile section of the Southern Beltway between South Fayette Way and the McDonald/Midway exits. Being a highway, there will not be any shade so bring water, sunscreen and hat.

Use the link below to find entrance on Google Maps. Note: Change type of map to satellite view to see new roadways. The rough directions appear to be to take route 50 out of Bridgeville toward Cecil. Turn right on South Fayette Way (stop light). At intersection with Cecil Reissing Rd, turn left (still South Fayette Way, take right onto 576 Westbound ramp. PA turnpike maintenance employees will direct traffic to park on the Southern Beltway. Should be about 20 minutes from the church. West bound ramp 576 near South Fayette Way


If you want to have maximum freedom as to time to go, please use the information above to plan your own trip.

Want to go as a group? Let me know or call, if you plan on going and if you want to bike or hike, would be willing to drive and if you have a bike rack. I will try to figure out the logistics based on the response. There could be a limited amount of space for bikes. I can take 3 bikes besides my bike. We can meet around 8:30 a.m. at the church, drive and arrive at the start around 9 a.m. Ideally, bikers and hikers would be in separate cars so they will get back at the same time. But even if we need to mix the bikers and hikers in one car, we can still pick an ending time to meet back at the car.


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