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Get Outdoors - Seldom Seen Greenway - September 2022

On September 10, 2022, 5 members of Bower Hill hiked the Seldom Seen Greenway and Seldom Seen Greenway Pipeline trail. The trail starts at a small parking lot right off Route 51 near the Fort Pitt Tunnels. As we started hiking, we were serenaded by a person playing the bag pipes. Immediately, you go through a 1902 stone and brick tunnel with Saw Mill Run on the right side. We found out this is one of 4 tunnels in Pennsylvania built of alternating layers of brick. At the end of the tunnel, water cascades down into a blueish-gray slate gorge. This trail continues another ¼ mile paralleling Saw Mill Run. There are some scenic views of the creek. We returned to the car and drove up the hill to Tropical Park. After walking behind a couple of houses, we followed the Seldom Seen Pipeline trail as it descends to Saw Mill Run. We were able to take a spur that looped along the ridge and took us back to the beginning of the trail.


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