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Get Outdoors - Westland Branch - Montour Trail, May 6, 2023

On May 6, 2023, 3 members of Bower Hill hiked part of the Westland Branch of the Montour Trail. The weather was spectacular with lots of sunshine but cool enough for hiking. We started at the end of the trail near Westland. The trail followed the road for a short distance then veered away to follow the newly constructed rail line. After about 20 minutes of going uphill, we were treated to the view of farms in the valley below. We were serenaded by the cows below and encountered various birds, dogs and ducks. After about 2 miles of walking, we hit the high point of the uphill, turned around and returned to the car. At the parking lot we talked to a group of bikers, who had traveled to Pittsburgh from Harrisburg, to bike the Montour and Panhandle trails.


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