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Haiti Water Team Disbands and Disburses Remaining Funds

Given the ongoing unrest in Haiti and the urgent humanitarian needs faced by the people of Haiti, the Water Team met on December 18, 2022, to decide how best to use the funds still in our account. ($23,568.15). Seeing that the political situation in Haiti is unlikely to change for the better anytime soon, it is unlikely that any of us would be making a trip back to Haiti in the coming months or even years. It has now been over four years since any of us have been to Haiti in person.

As we hear of the very dire struggles for survival in Haiti, we thought it best to respond to the needs now rather than continue to hold funds for future work in the country. We also feel as though the team at Living Waters for the World has more direct contact with the Haitian partners and can more effectively attend to the most urgent needs related to the water systems and do it on a more timely basis. Consequently, the BHCC Team decided that we should disband and put to good use the remaining money in the Haiti account as follows:

$1,000 - Harvest for Haiti (providing assistance to Haitian farmers)

$2,000 - Orphanage in Vallere run by Pastor Daniel, where we have a water system

$5,000 - Hearts United with Haiti, run by Crystal Funk

$15,568.15 - Living Waters for the World - for the greatest water needs in Haiti, including repairs to systems we have installed (LWW's discretion)

This provides support for the four main groups we have associations with in the country while providing the majority of the money for water systems. (Our original mission) This will take our balance to $0 and essentially remove us from hands-on ministry in Haiti. As a church we can still respond to future needs, if we desire, through individual gifts, Mission Facilitation, or future congregational fundraisers. We will certainly continue to stay in touch with those contacts we have in the country.

These decisions were made with a lot of prayerful discernment by our team. While it is somewhat bittersweet after 12 years to be making this move, we think it addresses the current realities and needs in Haiti and is the best way to move forward.


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