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Lentflix - April 6 - Details

Wednesdays during Lent March 9, 16, 23, 30, April 6 at 6:30 p.m.


LENTFLIX will be our Wednesday evening program this year. Let me give a shout out to Deb Boisvert for coming up with the clever name! Lentflix is a potluck and movie discussion group in Fellowship Hall. Here’s how it will work: Every week in Lent except Holy Week you will be assigned a movie to watch. These will not be religious movies; they will be mainstream or indie films that deal with moral and spiritual themes. At least two of the five films will be kid-friendly. All others will come with a guide for parents, telling them which segments to skip. You will be sent links to places where you can find these films online, sometimes for a rental fee of about $4. In some cases, I will show these movies in the Friendship Room on the Sunday afternoon prior to discussing them. On Wednesday evenings we’ll gather for dinner at 6:30 p.m., and we will have a guided discussion about the film. These dinners will be total potlucks—with emphasis on the “luck” part! We have no one to set up, clean up, or make drinks, so bring simple foods to share, things that can be eaten with eco-friendly disposable tableware. I’m thinking sandwiches, pizzas, salads—no boeuf bourguignon. You might want to bring soft drinks, otherwise there will be lemonade and tap water. If you bring a dish, you will take it home to wash it. We will eat whatever people bring and nothing more. (We did this in Lent 2011, and one evening we got all desserts and one salad, so let’s avoid desserts.) What if you didn’t watch the movie? Come anyway! A brief synopsis will be given. What if you can’t bring a dish? Come anyway! This is as much about getting people together as it is about eating and discussing the film. What if I have small children? Come anyway! They might or might not want to talk about the movies, but they’re welcome to eat and play in Fellowship Hall. I reserve the right to talk about these movies in the sermons on the following Sundays.

All are welcome!

April 6 Details - This will be our fifth movie in the Lenten potlucks and movie discussion series: LENTFLIX: FILMS, FOOD, FAITH, FRIENDS. Watch the movie ahead of time (see below). Please be aware that on April 6, our Lentflix potluck and discussion will take place in the Narthex instead of fellowship hall, which will be set up for the flea market. Please bring a dish to share and join us at 6:30 in the Narthex--which is the foyer just outside the sanctuary. Our April 6 Lentflix selection is our last, and so choosing a movie was indeed very difficult! We finally landed upon:

DOUBT, 2008, PG13 starring Meryl Streep and Philip Seymour Hoffman.

This film--naturally--deals with issues of doubt, but also the extremes to which some people will go in order to feel morally superior to others. It also raises the question of whether the end justifies the means.

Although there is little that is outright scary or offensive in this film, it does deal with a very troubling theme, and it tackles questions about God, faith, and evil in ways that will be boring or too complex for children.

To view the free trailer, go here:

To rent the film on YouTube, go here:

For Google Play, go here:

Amazon Prime:

This film can also be found on Vudu and Hulu.

We hope to see you this evening as we meet to discuss A Hidden Life!

In Christ's Peace,



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