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Mission Matters - April 2024

RIP Medical Debt Recap

We received the final results of our debt campaign. In total, The Synod of the Trinity, PCUSA's campaign eliminated $5,957,132.58 of medical debt for 6,537 families in the Synod of the Trinity.

Click here to view the breakdown by county. I am overwhelmed with emotion at the results of this campaign. Thank you all for your help and contributions. We truly, truly have made a difference.

A New Challenge for Haiti

Our mission partner Hearts United With Haiti is beginning to experience more directly the violence happening in and around Port-au-Prince. They are exploring the option of moving their ministry to a safer location should it become very unsafe where they are. This will cost money. Generous members of Bower Hill have offered to match donations, up to $1000, from other members of Bower Hill to support Hearts United With Haiti in this very difficult time. Please write “Haiti Emergency” on your checks. The deadline for these donations is April 15.

Company’s coming!

The Malawi Partnership of the Pittsburgh Presbytery will be welcoming over 20 pilgrims from Malawi and Sudan in May. Bower Hill will be hosting one of these for the time they are in Pittsburgh. Here are the ways you can get involved.

Firstly, we need at least 2 families to host our guest overnight in their home. If we have 2 hosts, we will split the hosting sessions to be May 11th to May 16th and then May 16th to May 20th. If we have more than two hosts, we will negotiate the sessions.

Second, we need people to do the following:

Saturday, May 11 - Attend Peace Rally at McKeesport Presbyterian Church and pick up our guest and bring him to the hosting house.

Tuesday, May 14 - Deliver our guest to Festival of Homiletics at East Liberty Presbyterian or Calvary Episcopal by 9:00 a.m.

Tuesday, May 14 - Return our guest from Festival of Homiletics at East Liberty Presbyterian or Calvary Episcopal to host family, time TBD.

Thursday, May 16 - Take our guest to lunch at Pittsburgh Presbytery. Return guest to new hosting family.

Monday, May 20 - Deliver our guest to Pittsburgh Presbytery at time TBD but early in the morning for the bus to Washington, DC where they will catch their flight back to Malawi.

If you are able to help with any of these things, please let Jean Miewald know at and also the church office at


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