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Local Glass Recycling Sites - 2021

Mt. Lebanon and other South Hills municipalities no longer accept glass items as a part of their recycling programs. The Eco-Justice Team will keep you apprised of various locations where you may recycle glass from your household. The sites listed here are in operation year-round but periodically there are pop-up or one-time collection sites. They will resume in the spring. We will post those events with as much lead time as possible.

Interesting Fact #1: 1 ton of carbon dioxide is reduced for every 6 tons of recycled container glass used in manufacturing.
Interesting Fact #2: Glass bottles and jars are 100% recyclable and can be recycled endlessly without any loss in purity or quality.
Interesting Fact #3: Your glass bottles and jars can go from the recycling bin to the store shelf in as little as 30 days.


Pennsylvania Resources Council (PRC) is partnering with CAP Glass and Superior Mulch to pilot a glass recycling drop-off access for residents and small businesses. You can recycle glass bottles, jars, and jugs. No window glass, mirrors, glass tabletop, cut glass, cookware, and ceramics. All collected glass will be transported to CAP Glass main sorting facility in Mt. Pleasant, PA.

Location: Superior Mulch, 21 Furnace Street Extension, McKees Rocks, PA 15136
Directions: Enter Furnace Street Extension directly from Thompson Avenue. Proceed in the direction of posted signage to drop your container glass materials in the blue CAP Glass container or designated area.
Hours: Monday – Friday: 7:00AM – 3:30PM Saturday: 8:00AM – 12:00PM

Location: Michael Brothers Hauling & Recycling 901 Horning Rd, Pittsburgh, PA 15236 Phone: (412) 835-6428 (North Hills location accepts glass too)
Glass may be deposited at any time of day or night. You have no longer have to sort your glass into clear, green and brown/amber bins

Location: Peters Township Fire Station #1, 245 McMurray Road. 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. daily. Please place glass in the blue bin behind fire station.

Location: Construction Junction 214 North Lexington Avenue Pittsburgh, PA. 15208
(412) 243-5025

Glass Recycling: Please remove caps and lids before placing glass in bins. No plate glass (windows) or dinnerware (Pyrex, etc.); glass must be clean and dry; no broken glass. Glass need NOT be sorted by color. Recycling is available only during regular business hours.
Hours of Business: Monday-Friday 9am-5pm   Saturday 9am-5pm    Sunday 10am-5pm


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