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Audio/Visual Upgrades

On June 15, 2024, Session approved the project to upgrade the audio/visual equipment. Besides improving the livestream experience, it will also improve the in-house audio.

Audio Improvements

• Replacing the soundboard with a digital soundboard

• Replacing the lectern microphone

• Adding microphones for amplifying the choir to the sanctuary

• Adding microphones for the musicians . Adding audio and electrical floor boxes to minimize tripping hazard of cords for microphones and equipment.

Video Improvements

Replacing two of the camcorders with PTZ cameras – These cameras have better quality lenses and can be controlled from our computer to Pan, Tilt and Zoom.

Installation Plans

The plan is to work on the audio starting the last week of June. Once the audio is running smoothly, then we will tackle the video. We are expecting the video to be worked on in July/August. Please be patient as there will be a learning curve in utilizing the new equipment.


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