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Eco-Justice Team - January, 2022

Margaret Renkl is a writer based in Nashville whose subjects cover the flora, fauna, politics and culture of the American South. In surveying the increasingly visible effects of climate change, she writes:

“It’s easy to feel powerless in a situation like this. . . . Fortunately, saving the planet isn’t something we’re obliged to manage on our own. Our collective efforts can make a huge difference, even as the greatest differences will be made in ways that are far beyond the reach of average citizens. And in supporting these efforts, we are far from powerless.”

She goes on to encourage supporting green candidates, environmental nonprofits, nonprofit news sources, legal organizations that push for greater conservation measures, and, last but not least, “conservancies that work to protect ecosystems while they are still intact.”

We have a number of the latter in our own backyard. Conservancies provide opportunities for volunteer activities that often include entire families. Check out one or more on the web:

 Western Pennsylvania Conservancy -

 Mt. Lebanon Nature Conservancy -

 Scott Nature Conservancy -

 Upper St. Clair Citizens for Land Stewardship -

 Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy -

These and similar groups give families and individuals the opportunity to experience fun, outdoor, productive projects in which to explore and experience nature. Check them out!

Even closer to home, our own former “Bubble Brigade” has, by default, been replaced by a very few willing souls. As you enjoy our growing Coffee Hours, consider saying thanks, or even helping out!


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