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Eco-Justice Team - June 2023

As you know, BHCC is a member of PA Interfaith Power and Light. Aside from working for Pennsylvania’s citizens hurt by environmental dangers, the faith-based organization provides invaluable information to its members.

Some of us recently attended a webinar on changing electricity providers in Pennsylvania. The on-line form you can use is, which really does not provide enough information to make an informed choice. The number of possibilities is dizzying, not all are sustainable in any way, some are more expensive than they appear, and they offer different renewal times and terms. PAIPL’s webinar was extremely helpful in navigating and streamlining the process. It was presented by a member of Jewish Earth Alliance who had done extensive and in-depth research. Fortunately for all of us, the video is now available on-line, and we cannot stress enough how helpful it is:

We’ll give you a bit of a spoiler here- the best option for Duquesne Light is Brighten Energy, which still has several different options. Check out the video!


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