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Get Outdoors - Frick Park - February 3, 2024

On February 3, 2024, a group of 3 members of Bower Hill Community Church hiked trails in Frick Park. Weather was good. It started out near freezing but by the time we ended, the sun was out and temperatures were very pleasant. The hike began by descending down wooden steps to the valley. We hiked the Tranquil trail under the new bridge to the Homewood cemetery. Next, we returned by the Homewood trail along the ridge then down into the valley. We took the single track Bradema trail up the hill on the other side of the valley. After some uphill and some mud, we turned off the trail and descended into a side valley. We followed the Falls Ravine trail back to Tranquil trail. After a short hike on the Tranquil trail, we climbed the stairs and returned to our car. Another great day getting outside.


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