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Mission - IRU Team

Message from Mission Committee and Immigration, Refugee,

and Undocumented Persons Team (IRU Team)

The BHCC delegation that planned to travel to Arizona in October for the training with Borderlinks has reluctantly made the decision not to do the in-person trip, but to do the training remotely. We will be doing the training together in the Friendship Room on Saturday, October 8, Sunday, October 9, and Monday, October 10, 2022 from 11:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. This opens an opportunity for those interested in immigration issues, but unable to take the time or money to go to Arizona, to do this training with us.

The cost of the training will be dependent on the number of participants, but no more than $175 including lunch. No questions asked, partial or full scholarships will be available if cost is a concern. Participants must also commit to participating in the entire training. We are asking anyone doing the training to come to the church for each session for a more meaningful experience. An outline of the training is below. If you want a more detailed description of anything on the Agenda, we can provide that to you.

Please let us know by September 7, 2022 if you are interested in registering for the training. If you have any questions contact any member of the IRU Team – Linda James, Sarah Neusius, Betsy Hohlfelder, Darenda Lease, Theresa Child, or Jean Miewald. If you wish to sign up for the training, contact Linda James. We hope some of you can join us in what we believe will be a great experience.

Saturday, October 8

11:00 AM Orientation

12:00 PM Topic-Immigration History


1:00 PM Lunch (to be provided)

2:00 PM Topic-The Missing Person Crisis Along the Border

Presentation by No More Death Abuse

Documentation Working Group

3:30 PM Reflection (or Questions/Prep for next day)

Sunday, October 9

11:00 AM Topic- Living in Nogales and the impacts of NAFTA

Meeting with Manuel Morales

12:00 PM Topic-The Cost of Food in Mexico vs. the US


1:00 PM Lunch (to be provided)

2:00 PM Topic-Efforts to Reduce Violence Against LBGTQ Immigrants in Detention Presentation by Karolina Lopez, Mariposas

Sin Fronteras

3:30 PM Reflection

Monday, October 10

11:00 AM Topic- How We Can Move from Charity Toward Solidarity With Immigrants Workshop

12:00 PM Topic-The Sanctuary Movement

Presentation by the Southside Presbyterian Church

1:00 PM Lunch (to be provided)

2:00 PM Action Planning

3:30 PM Final Reflection & Evaluations

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