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The Table at Hot Metal - Volunteers Needed

The TABLE “Needs List” has changed, at least for the next few times BHCC is serving at

Hot Metal Faith Community in November and January.

We will continue to prepare dinner for 80 - 100 people to sit and enjoy dinner at Hot Metal. Any meals not served during the hour will be packaged in “To Go” containers and left in the outside refrigerator for those in need to grab. This has been a successful way to serve the community!

The New List of Needs:

4-5 Volunteers to help serve 4:45 - 6:30 p.m. at 2700 Jane Street on the South

13 Bundt Cakes any flavor, NO ICING. Bundt cakes can be made or bought ahead of time and frozen in the BHCC freezer by November 21. PLEASE NOTE that these 13 Bundt cakes will be served Tuesday AND Thursday as part of Hot Metal’s Thanksgiving meal. BHCC is donating 5 Bundt cakes for the dessert spread on Thanksgiving day.

PLEASE put your bought or homemade BUNDT cake WITHOUT ICING in the freezer. This makes the cake so much easier to transport.

Donations to BUY fried chicken from Giant Eagle! The cost is $180 for 2 pans. We served thighs and legs for September and it was a big success. Donations of ANY AMOUNT can be made by check to BHCC with TABLE in the tag line.

Explanation -Volunteers to make the Bruschetta casseroles have fallen over the last few times we have served, so the Mission

Committee decided to try something different.

Please email Darenda Lease at with questions and/or to sign up.


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