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Youth Programs (All Ages)


Youth Ministry at Bower Hill

Our vision is that youth experience the joy of knowing a

relationship with God, and belonging as a beloved child of God

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Bower Hill maintains three top priorities for our ministry to children and youth:

Sunday School for instruction in Faith, Fellowship and Mission.


Modern culture often promotes superficial and destructive values.

Christianity offers our youth an alternative narrative about what is

truly important &  how we should live our lives.

New options in

Sunday School Classes!

"Wonder" Pre-school to 4th grade

"Connect" 5th - 8th grades

Confirmation Class

High School 9th - 12th grades (remain in worship)


Our youth need to form bonds with people who share their faith.

Primarily, they need friends at church , but they also need to see

faith modeled in the lives of adults they like & respect.

New Youth Group options

for fun & fellowship!

Tweens 3rd - 5th grades

Middle School - 6th - 8th grades

High School 9th - 12 grades

Youth Group Activities


Mission is the heartbeat of Christian life. Young people may struggle with the

abstracts and ideals of faith, but when they see it in action, it makes sense.

Youth Mission Projects

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