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Getting Involved - Mission - Eco Justice

1. We are called to be stewards of God’s created order. 

2. The irresponsible use of the world’s resources is a form of injustice against life and future generations.

3. We all participate in forms of ecological injustice that must be named and resisted, particularly as the worst impacts fall on the vulnerable and poor. 

Eco Justice Team Guiding Principles

​1. Congregation Challenge Competition (already underway; 20+ families have signed on)

2. LED lighting retrofit in the church 

3. Glass Recycling, including information and education. (For example, we intend to publish the PRC Recycling Schedule.)

4. Adult Education Presentations on topics relevant to our 2020 priorities.

5. Promotion and/or sale of Reusable Silverware Packs/lunch ware packs for on-the-go dining.

2020 Projects

2020 Projects

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